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SkyVillas at One Balete is in a class of its own when it comes to residential condominium development. Philippine Realty and Holdings Corp. did not hold back when it comes to realizing the concept and vision that they had for this project. All of the professionals that were chosen to handle various aspects of this project proved successful in realizing that vision that the developer had in mind.

SkyVillas at One Balete offers a hefty list of facilities and amenities that future condo unit owners can enjoy. But before delving into the specific unit amenities that you can enjoy, it is important to look into the building features first. There are 3 levels of basement parking offered for all residents at SkyVillas at One Balete. Hence, you can ensure that your vehicle is parked safely and you won’t have to worry about street parking, or expensive parking fees. The entire building is also supported by 100% emergency backup power. You can therefore rest assured that you will have access to power in the event of blackout and other emergency cases.

The building is serviced by 3 high-speed elevators and 1 service elevator for the maintenance crew and staff. Therefore, you can get to your unit as fast and as efficiently as possible. For the safety of all unit owners, the entire building is also equipped with automatic fire detection and sprinkler system. In addition, the entire building comes with its own sewage treatment facility so it can process its own water. 

In terms of security, unit owners at SkyVillas at One Balete can have a good night’s sleep. The entire building is maintained by a security team that operates on a 24/7 basis. Aside from roving guards, there is also a security control center that monitors every activity that is tracked by the CCTV cameras on key common areas. 

For you to enjoy the lifestyle of urban living, as well as to relish the view of the Quezon City skyline, every unit has a balcony. There are many access points to the balconies including the master’s bedroom, second bedroom, or through the living area. Therefore, it provides you with more living spaces and so you can take advantage of vertical living setup. 

As for the leisure and common facilities available at SkyVillas at One Balete, there is also a hefty list available. For example, a fitness gym is a standard for those who are living in a condominium. You can therefore enjoy this same amenity at SkyVillas at One Balete. You can maintain your fitness level by spending a few hours at the gym, which is fully equipped with weights and cardio equipment. For business professionals, there is also a business lounge and library that you can use at your disposal. A meeting room is available for professionals who wish to conduct meetings and seminars. 

For your leisure and relaxation, there is a clubhouse available at SkyVillas at One Balete. The clubhouse is also located next to the swimming pool, which is another great spot for relaxation. 

Building Features:

  • 3 levels of basement parking
  • 100% emergency back-up power
  • 3 high-speed passenger elevators/1 service elevator
  • Fully equipped automatic fire detection and sprinkler systems
  • Security control center with close circuit television in all public areas
  • Cable ready provisioning in all bedrooms and living rooms
  • Sewage treatment facilities for domestic waster processing
  • Balconies accessible from living room, master's bedroom and second bedroom
  • Audio video intercoms per unit connected to the reception and the security center
  • Gym 
  • Business lounge and library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Meeting Room
  • Clubhouse
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